Global companies manufacturing packaging made of plastics, metals, paper and paperboard must ensure that their packaging comply with regulations affecting their customers markets. This also applies to their suppliers of chemicals, coatings, inks and additives.

The Decernis Scope for Packaging includes:

  • Adhesives + Coatings
  • Color Additives
  • Metals
  • Paper + Board
  • Plastics

Our solutions provide a suite of products and services designed to support global compliance management in the food contact packaging sector. These solutions increase the client’s speed to market and reduce delays:

 gCOMPLY: Regulatory Reference Database

This global database provides 70,000 product safety regulations for over 170 countries and a number of topics such as plastics, paper & paperboard, glass, metals, adhesives, color additives, etc.

gComply can be searched by

  • Substance (e.g. ‘Bisphenol A’ or ‘Irganox 1076’ or ‘CAS RN 2082-79-3’)
  • Topic (e.g. ‘Plastics’)
  • Text Search (e.g. ‘Acrylic acid’ & ‘migration’ )


  • Daily regulatory monitoring of food contact regulations
  • Product recalls
  • Issue management
  • Global trends

gCOMPLY PLUS:  Enterprise Compliance Systems

Specifically developed applications, based on client needs, can dramatically reduce product development time:

  • Red-light, green-light analysis to indicate the approval status and conditions of use (e.g. SML specific migration limits) of the components of food contact materials worldwide
  • Rule-based analysis of formulated products
  • Detailed compliance reports, such as the Declaration of Compliance, required by EU regulation 10/2011
  • Vendor assurance and customer & supplier management systems for material acceptance planning and automated questionnaire support