Global companies manufacturing or using chemicals must ensure that their formulated products comply with regulations affecting their customers markets.

The Decernis Scope of Chemicals & Polymers includes:
  • Dangerous + Toxic Substances (CPL, REACH, GHS)
  • Import/Export (drug precursors, chemical weapons, PIC)
  • National Chemical Inventories
  • National Regulations (WGK, TA Luft, YL-Merking)
  • Workplace (occupational exposure limits)

Our solutions provide a suite of products and services designed to support global compliance management in the chemical and polymer sectors. These solutions increase the client’s speed to market and reduce delays:

 gCOMPLY:  Regulatory Reference Database

This global database provides 80,000 chemical regulations for over 180 countries and a number of topics related to dangerous / toxic substances, environment, import / export and workplace and national chemical inventories.

gComply can be searched by

  • Substance (e.g. ‘Formaldehyde’ or ‘CAS RN 50-00-0’)
  • Topic (e.g. ‘Classification and Labelling’)
  • Text Search (e.g. ‘Acrylic acid’ & ‘labelling’ )


  • Daily regulatory monitoring of chemical regulations
  • Product recalls
  • Issue management
  • Global trends

 gCOMPLY PLUS: Enterprise Compliance Systems

Specifically developed applications, based on client needs, can dramatically reduce product development time:

  • Red-light, green-light analysis to indicate the approval status and conditions of use of chemicals worldwide
  • Detailed compliance reports related to e.g. REACH status or National chemical inventories
  • Rule-based analysis of formulated products
  • Vendor assurance and customer & supplier management systems for material acceptance planning and automated questionnaire support.