Do your products comply with global requirements? for food contact? for food additives? for food contaminants? for consumer products? for cosmetics? How are substances regulated in different countries where you do business? What national regulations are related? How can you cross-references regulations to determine real solutions? How can you search across regulations in languages that you do not speak?

gComply can answer all your complex compliance questions. Immediately. 

gComply is a global substance database and library of full-regulations covering over 180 countries and 80,000 regulations applicable to food, consumer, and chemical substances and products.

Searchable and multi-lingual, gComply can:

  • Determine How a Chemical is Globally Regulated
  • Find All Related Regulations and Amendments within a Topic or Country
  • Find Particular Regulations matching your Criteria
  • Quickly Locate a Regulation
  • Scan Many Regulations Applicable to a Substance

gComply provides a core knowledge solution to determine the compliance status of products and substances in a global marketplace.

Updated monthly, gComply has multi-lingual capabilities to search in one language and find worldwide regulations in any language. In addition, Decernis has expert content such as a Lexicon of 5 million terms covering 40 languages and the capability to resolve questions about substances that are members of broad generic classes.

gComply can also provide a secure library for a client’s own documents to provide a one-stop solution for searching.

  • Indexed, multi-lingual, and searchable by substance, topic, country or full-text
  • Snapshot reports to summarize global regulations for a substance and topic, with direct link to the source document
  • Tabular reports with regulations citing a substance for a selection of countries and topics
  • Data reports with classification & labelling and regulatory thresholds.

gComply offers simple but powerful searching and cross-referencing tools at the user’s fingertips – to save time, to make more effective decisions and to ensure that you meet applicable requirements.