Are you looking for an integrated compliance system that compares your product recipes against allowable regulatory limits? gComply Plus is the solution. 

Decernis Enterprise Compliance Management system, gComply Plus, is an integrated compliance system that compares client product formulas against allowable regulatory limits around the world. It provides expert, rule-based red-light/green-light management reports for global compliance challenges.

gComply Plus is able to effectively manage and establish control of client product compliance. The system allows users to:

  • Prepare a component and product level compliance analysis 
  • Synchronize with the Supply Chain Compliance Management System 
  • Analyze and compare global threshold requirements for additives and contaminants by commodity group 
  • Author global regulatory certifications and documents for a product or raw materials 
  • Search information concerning global regulatory status and requirements 
  • Provide an archive of a regulatory manager’s decisions to support auditing and institutional memory 
  • Generate a customer certificate

gComply Plus is a rule-based, web application that can be deployed either as a remotely hosted system or integrated with a client’s PLM system (i.e. Oracle, SAP), providing red light/ green-light management reports for global compliance challenges.

gComply Plus simplifies complex global regulations into an easy-to-read solution.

gComply Plus Modules

The Food Additives module contains a list of over 3,000 substances that can be added to human food as additives, flavors, vitamins or minerals. By choosing their functions and usages (food categories) in specific countries, a visual red /green matrix report can quickly be viewed. More details along with citations hyperlinked to the regulations cited are also at the fingertips of the regulatory professional.
The Contaminants module contains thousands of pesticides as well as a myriad of veterinary drugs, mycotoxins, heavy metals, marine biotoxins and microbiologicals. The maximum residue levels regulated in specific commodities are easily found by substance or by commodity.

The Standards of Identity module contains the required ingredients and physiochemical measurements needed to meet the chocolate and ice cream standards around the world. A recipe built in the recipe management module is submitted to a standard category to make the ‘go’or ‘no-go’ decision of whether the recipe meets the standard. If required ingredients are missing from a recipe, the missing substances report quickly shows what substances are needed.

The Recipe Management module provides the ability of the user to either build a recipe on the fly or upload a recipe via a spreadsheet. This module also provides the ability to nest one recipe within another and then decide whether to submit each individual recipe for Additive or SOI analysis or to explode the nested recipes and submit them together as one. When a recipe is submitted for Additive analysis, rules determine if the concentration levels of the additive ingredients meet their threshold levels both individually as well as in combination using molecular weight conversion factors when one substance is expressed as another.