How can you track and manage the high volume and dynamic nature of regulatory and scientific events that may affect your brand assets in any part of the world? 

Decernis News and Issue Management is a real-time solution to manage compliance issues and news:

  • A system to communicate and coordinate emerging issues;
  • A more effective means of communication and coordination of emerging issues;
  • A means of establishing metrics for such management; and,
  • A means of analyzing trends in emerging issues relevant to the company’s business.

Early identification from Decernis means earlier response for your business.

Decernis News and Issue Management is a structured service offering:

  • Decernis News:  Coverage includes broad topics, that can be customized (MyNews) per client’s scope needs, including subtopics and substances across languages
  • Decernis Issue Management: A collaborative platform for managing, communicating, and resolving dynamic developments to mitigate risk and identify emerging issues for global teams.
  • Advanced Tools + Analytics: Visualization of the complex and changing regulatory environment to identify trends and emerging issues.

Decernis News and Issue Management provides a global means of scanning and coordination that can be linked to the company’s enterprise systems. It uses both automated and expert review. Our automated technologies, based on a Decernis patent, include a 4 million term multi-lingual lexicon and a technology base to scan and classify regulatory and scientific developments around the world for the identification of emerging risks. Our editorial group reviews the findings and manages the system on a daily basis.

Decernis News and Issue Management monitors regulatory changes in food, consumer, and industrial products.  Significant developments and hot topics, such as proposed or final rules, notices, new standards or guidelines, health alerts, product recalls, or any other government or agency announcement are easily accessible in one system.

Decernis News and Issue Management is delivered through the Decernis portal as well as through a customized push service – a newsletter – that is personalized to the interests of the user.

Decernis News and Issue Management helps you manage highly dynamic events across the globe before they go viral. 

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