Decernis is proud to partner with key organizations  in an effort to help clients manage global compliance, increase speed for product development, quicken time to market, and prevent costly delays.


Combining Deloitte’s food safety, quality and supply chain experience with the software platform and content provided by Decernis for tracking and alerting consumer businesses about compliance issues. Deloitte’s alliance with Decernis focuses on the capability of Decernis to provide systems to help manufacturers and processors promptly learn about and understand requirements worldwide that affect brand assets and manufacturing operations. Click here to learn more about the Decernis + Deloitte partnership. 


Decernis and Intertek have formed a strategic partnership to provide a global product compliance management service providing a complete, validated, and unique solution. Bringing together Decernis’ global compliance management information systems and Intertek’s expert independent validation, this partnership provides clients a unique solution to manage all aspects of supply chain compliance in a global market. Click here to learn more about the Decernis + Intertek partnership.


SPI: the Plastics Industry

SPI has selected Decernis as an affiliate partner. Decernis works closely with SPI committees to provide compliance services to members.  The  SPI FDCPMC Member Portal, has been developed for members of SPI’s Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Packaging Materials Committee (FDCPMC) that provides streamlined, one-stop access to updates, member discussions and SPI resources on regulatory issues of importance to the food packaging supply chain. Click here to learn more about the Decernis + SPI partnership.