Management Team

Andrew (Pat) Waldo is Chief Executive Officer of Decernis and a founder of the Company. At Decernis, Mr. Waldo has forged alliances with some of the world’s largest manufacturers and key governmental agencies to develop improved information systems for the compliance of food, chemical and consumer products with global safety requirements. Under his management the Company has established operational and sales groups in the U.S., Germany, France, the U.K., and Asia. Prior to founding Decernis in 2002, Mr. Waldo was Chairman and President of Ariel Research Corporation, a research company which he founded in 1989 in the area of industrial chemical control, and which was acquired in 2002 by Eastman Chemical Company. Mr. Waldo has received a number of patents in the area of information control and supply chain management. His books on regulatory compliance include: Chemical Hazard Communication Guidebook (Wiley and Sons); The Consolidated Chemical Regulation Guidebook (Executive Enterprises); The Community Right-to-Know Manual (Thomson Publications); and, The Community Right-to-Know Handbook (Thomson Publications). Mr. Waldo’s development of the International Chemical Regulatory Monitoring System (ICRMS) and its integration with ERP systems was nominated for and a selected finalist for the U.S. Smithsonian Institution award for innovation in the field of Agriculture, Energy, and Environment.
Kevin C. Kenny is Chief Operating Officer of Decernis and a co-founder of the Company. He is an experienced regulatory attorney who has worked and consulted for 15 years in the product safety and food arenas. Mr. Kenny advises some of the world’s largest manufacturers in the areas of Food Additives, Food Contact and Food Standards, globally. Mr. Kenny routinely manages regulatory audits to support the global compliance and information needs of Decernis’ clients. The matrix of recommendations that result from such audits helps improve a client’s ability to meet stated compliance goals. Mr. Kenny also meets and coordinates with clients globally to determine the scope of coverage for Decernis content and is knowledgeable about all areas of food and consumer product compliance. In the past decade, he has met with various governmental agencies and organizations in over 40 countries to discuss regulatory compliance and related matters. Mr. Kenny has lived and worked for eight years in five European and Asian countries, and is fluent in German, French and Spanish. He possesses an honors Juris Doctor, an LL.M. in Public International Law and the Hague Diplôme de Droit International. In 1992, he was awarded an Alexander von Humboldt Research Fellowship in Bonn, Germany, directly followed by two-years as an assistant professor at the Walther Schücking Institute of International Law at Christian-Albrechts-Universität in Kiel, Germany. Mr. Kenny coordinated the development of teaching curricula for each of the courses he taught. Before Decernis, Mr. Kenny worked as a regulatory attorney at a Bethesda, Maryland-based regulatory content provider, most recently as VP, International Operations. An expert in food, chemicals and plastics regulation with particularly strong expertise and contacts in Asia, Mr. Kenny is a frequent speaker at international conferences and a member on the Regulatory Affairs Committees of several major food, cosmetic and consumer product associations in the U.S. and Europe.
Based in Frankfurt, Germany, Dr. Hunger is Managing Director of Decernis GmbH, and directs the Company’s European operations as well as its leading scientific initiatives. As a Ph.D. chemist, Dr. Hunger has over thirty years experience in the chemical industry and related areas in the regulation of materials in food contact. He is the co-author of the standard work, Industrial Organic Pigments, (W. Herbst and K. Hunger, VCH-Wiley), now in its third edition in English and German. Prior to this Dr. Hunger was the Global Director of Product Safety and Ecology for Hoechst AG. He was responsible for product safety and fine chemicals, dyes and pigments worldwide, including new and existing substances and their preparations. He has reviewed pre-manufacture notifications and material safety data sheets for thousands of existing chemicals and has developed comprehensive programs to investigate the hazardous potential of these chemicals. Further, he established and managed the corporate processes for hazard determination and control within his areas of global responsibility. Dr. Hunger graduated with a Diploma from the Technical University, Berlin and Ph.D. in organic chemistry from Technical University, Munich.
Jacques Desarnauts is graduated from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Industries Chimiques de Nancy (ENSIC) and then obtained a M.Sc. from Stanford University. He worked in the US and in Belgium as a computer consultant for the Oil and Petrochemical Industry. He joined CdF Chimie and was assigned to Venezuela and Brazil to launch different joint ventures and was then nominated General Manager of a French subsidiary in the field of adhesives. Mr. Desarnauts was vice-president for Elf Atochem Polystyrene activities worldwide (now Total Petrochemicals) and then Global HSE Director for Products for the TOTAL Chemical branch and Arkema, covering the following areas during 10 years: - Product stewardship policy, - Design and implementation of business processes to ensure regulatory compliance, - Leading toxicologists and ecotoxicologists for hazard and risk assessments, - Chemical legislation and International Conventions, - Automation of safety documents authoring: MSDS, compliance certificates, - Normalization, ecolabelling, Life cycle assessment, Plastics recycling and thermal recovery. He chaired the Cefic REACH IT group, working with OECD and ECHA for the design of IUCLID 5 and represented Cefic at DG XI workshops related to information flows through the supply chain in the context of REACH.
Clive Raven, M.I.Biol., Director, Data Services, biologist; 30 years experience at Shell in biological and chemical database design, modeling at enterprise level. Mr. Raven is responsible for designing and building Decernis data for reference and integration; his team is also responsible for designing the update and quality control mechanisms. He has worked with chemical database design, modeling, building and maintenance for 40 years. After obtaining his Masters in Biochemistry and Ecology, Mr. Raven worked for 29 years for Shell Research in London. He did extensive research in the development of herbicides and crop protection products, working as Herbicides Section Manager for eight years. Mr. Raven worked on the design of both the content and the data integration interfaces for MSDS and Labelling systems such as EGIS and SAP EH&S, designed and led several large data migration projects and has built specialized data for integration for numerous companies. He has also published papers on data capture and data capture devices.
Yong Zou, M.S., Director, System Development, leading software architect and principle engineer/consultant at Time Warner Inc and Fannie Mae. Mr. Zou has an MS in Computer Science from SUNY in New York and is responsible for coordinating the design and build of Decernis suite of software applications and has a number of systems patents to his name. He leads a multicultural systems development team with key members in the US, Europe and China. Mr. Zou brings 25 years of design, development and programming experience at Fannie Mae, America Online, Ariel Research and FileTek, and was the lead developer of an innovative risk management rule-based effort at Fannie Mae. Mr. Zou offers extensive enterprise software development and integrated database design experience.
Dr. Overbeek serves as the company’s Chief, Business Development & Strategy. In this role, Dr. Overbeek leads the company’s expansion of our market position and outreach, and to ensure that we swiftly respond to our clients’ needs. Dr. Overbeek most recently served as Vice President of Global Health, Environmental and Regulatory Services and Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals North America for Intertek. At Intertek, Dr. Overbeek directed and delivered outsourced solutions enabling customers to ensure safety, quality, and performance of new and existing products. Prior to joining Intertek, Ruud worked for Avantium as Vice President of Intellectual Assets & Licensing, Business Development, Operations and Discovery. He started his career in ABB Lummus Global as Technology Development Manager. Dr. Overbeek is a member of a number of Associations and Committees, including The Royal Dutch Chemical Society, the Dutch Catalysis Society and The Texas Committee for Autonomous Systems Technology, TXCAS. TXCAS, a Special Committee under The Bay Area Houston Advanced Technology Consortium, BayTech, desires to transform Texas into a national and global hub for cutting edge autonomous technologies is and brings together academia, industry, NASA-JSC, and the State of Texas. Ruud has served as an Editor and Author of various peer-reviewed publications, has achieved the DuPont Chemical Company Prize for Outstanding Independent Research, holds a Masters in Chemistry and a Doctorate in Catalysis from Utrecht University and has been granted over twenty patents.